Hot Palms are Melbourne based purveyors of sometimes instrumental, slightly drone-ish tracks with a good measure of psychedelic hooks. Made up of Alec Marshall and Emma Russack, the duo formed in Wollongong, where Alec grew up and consequently met Emma. You may have known them previously as Emma and Alec, under which they released their first self-titled EP, with Marshall writing all the instrumentals and vocals attributed to Russack.

After moving to Melbourne, the duo took on the name of Hot Palms. The ‘Hot Palms’ EP was written entirely by Alec, with the track titles provided by Russack, in a kind of reference to Felt’s “Train Above the City”.

The tracks on the EP seem to quietly blend into one another, all of a sudden you’ve made your way through the EP and you’re thinking “I’m going to put that on repeat for a good few hours”. My personal favorite, ‘In Town’ begins with simple percussion before long it builds into a transfixing offering of drawn out electric guitar. For me, this is an incredible release, I put it in the same bag as Work (Work, Work).


You can pick this up digitally or in CD form at the Hot Palms Bandcamp or Why Don’t You Believe Me for only $5. Alternatively you can catch them live and pick up a copy at The B.EAST on Lygon St. Brunswick, on the 27th of July.