Attempting to categorize Melbourne’s Bored Nothing (Fergus Miller) is a pretty tall order. Recently he’s released some lo-fi Elliott Smith style recordings which have sealed him some pretty good recognition, scoring himself some regular play on Triple J. This being said, his musical adventures aren’t all in the same basket. Bored Nothings back catalogue is rather bewildering, it spans back to late 2010, up to date there have been at least 7 individual releases, with almost 40 tracks on his bandcamp. Taking into account his age, this is an impressive achievement for any musician.


Fergus Miller’s previous project Splintered Oar saw him producing some pretty interesting folk/drone influenced tracks. His EP Reverie 8 is a captivating collection of long, drawn-out tracks calling on influences that could include Kurt Ville, The Postal Service and Elliott Smith.


Pop forward a few months and Miller releases his Freedom From Occult Practices. Listening to this after Reverie 8 you would swear you are listening to a completely different artist. This EP takes on a much more electronic and sample inspired feel, think Melbourne collective //THIS THING//.



Miller’s latest release Bored Nothing seems to consolidate his direction a little more. With nods to aforementioned artists, it’s got a distinct low-fi garage sound to it. ‘Only Old’ is a stand out track on this release, really catchy vibes going on here, whilst ‘Pay For My Drugs’ brings a little more of an angsty late 90’s gunge sound. I’m pretty keen to see this guy live, at the current point in time, there is no live show set up for Bored Nothing. Fingers Crossed.

You can check out Bored Nothing on Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Tumblr