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Listen: Chips Calipso - 'I Walked Outside and Felt the Sun' LP

Listen: Chips Calipso – ‘I Walked Outside and Felt the Sun’ LP

  Out of the blue, David R Cameron got in touch, I’m glad he did. A few days ago, under the cloak of Chips Calipso, Cameron released his debut record, I Walked Outside and Felt the Sun. From all accounts it’s been a work in process, his Facebook account has been...


We’ve been LUCIANBLOMKAMP fans for quite some time now so were pretty stoked to get our grubby hands on his debut LP Post-Nature last week. It’ll be out there in the open for all you lot this Friday, so don’t worry, not too much longer to wait. And honestly, it’s worth...
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Listen: Jane Tyrrell - 'Wild Waters' (Tom Scary Remix)

Listen: Jane Tyrrell – ‘Wild Waters’ (Tom Scary Remix)

  Does the man sleep? Tom Iansek (Big Scary, #1 Dads) has taken the knife to Jane Tyrrell’s ‘Wild Waters’. Yet this time he’s wearing a new name, Tom Scary. “Tom Scary is the new moniker for Tom Iansek, to be applied when Iansek is wearing his producer hat. This is to distinguish him from...
News: Paradise Music Festival Returns For 2014

News: Paradise Music Festival Returns For 2014

From Paradise Media Paradise Music Festival is pleased to announce that YES we will be ‘a thing’ this year, with Paradise 2014 officially confirmed for the weekend of Nov. 28, 29 and 30. With 2014′s lineup to be announced next Tuesday Aug. 19, the festival can also confirm the location of this year’s event will...
Client Liaison - 'Queen'

Client Liaison – ‘Queen’

Our favourite 80s heroes Client Liaison have dropped the video for their new single Queen today via Noisey. You really can’t help but love these guys. Such a commitment to the aesthetic! This new track is no exception, synth heavy, bass groove and jangly guitars all round. And as usual, its kinda hard to tell from the...
Wrapped: Splendour in the Grass 2014

Wrapped: Splendour in the Grass 2014

The dust has finally settled on Splendour in the Grass for 2014. I have the remnants of a cheeky Splendour cough and there is still mud on my gumboots, but it’s been nearly two weeks so I’m starting to not get a bad case of the feels when I think about it now. It’s been...
News: OutsideIn Festival Announce First-Round of Acts

News: OutsideIn Festival Announce First-Round of Acts

Entering its third year, OutsideIn festival have announced a stella first-round line up. A solid contingent of local artists such as Seekae, Client Liaison, Tornado Wallace, Fishing and Guerre will take over Sydney’s Manning House complex on Sat 29 November. “A meeting of the minds, OutsideIn is a collaboration between Sydney’s taste-making touring and management agency, Astral People...
Watch: Catlips - 'Kanimbla'

Watch: Catlips – ‘Kanimbla’

A little while ago, Perth’s Katie Campbell aka Catlips dropped her split single ‘Kanimbla / What U Want And Need (Are Different Things)’. It’s not often that you can tag an artists as unique, but Campbell is probably the closest I would go, she’s certaintly developed a distinct sound of field recordings, vocal samples and complex beat...
Listen: Leafy Suburbs – 'Magic Eye'

Listen: Leafy Suburbs – ‘Magic Eye’

Craving some new music in your life? There is one spot that never fails to send me off in valuable and lasting driections. Crawlspace, known to those in the know as “some music website from Australia”, is a wealth of the Australian underground, it’s also where I was introduced to Perth’s Leafy Suburbs. The solo electronic project of Lyndon Blue, Leafy...
Why We're Excited for Listen Out 2014

Why We’re Excited for Listen Out 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that Australia’s music scene is bigger and better than ever. Bands and producers alike are heading overseas, with their names climbing closer and closer to the top of the poster. Meanwhile back home, the same is true. The line up...
Listen: Thrupence - 'Don't You Mind'

Listen: Thrupence – ‘Don’t You Mind’

Bang, a new tune from Melbourne producer/artists/legend Jack Vanzet, aka Thrupence. ‘Don’t You Mind’ is lifted from Thrupence’s forthcoming album Lessons, out on limited edition paint splatter wax on September 26, 2014. Get ‘Don’t You Mind’ for free from Bandcamp:
Listen: #1 Dads - 'So Soldier' (feat. Ainslie Wills)

Listen: #1 Dads – ‘So Soldier’ (feat. Ainslie Wills)

Tom Iansek, well known for making up half of Melbourne outfit Big Scary, has been working on his solo project #1 Dads (formerly know as Dads) for quite sometime. 2011′s Man Of Leisure was a sensational LP, maybe it didn’t garner the attention it truly deserved, but I am starting to wander. What we’re really here about is Iansek’s...
Listen: Seekae - 'Test & Recognise' (Flume Re-work)

Listen: Seekae – ‘Test & Recognise’ (Flume Re-work)

  General world dominator, Flume, tried his luck re-workin’ Seekae’s latest track, ‘Test & Recognise’. No surprises here, the man does it justice. A little more stripped back, with a building sense throughout his re-work that resists boiling over into mayhem. It’s all class. ‘Test & Recognise’ is from Seekae’s forthcoming third reccord, The Worry. “Two years...
News: BIGSOUND 2014 announce full line-up

News: BIGSOUND 2014 announce full line-up

BIGSOUND is Australia’s most well-renowned showcase and industry conference. In it’s 13th year, the Brisbane based conference has unveiled its most impressive line-ups to date. Featuring more the 120 artists and bands, the major installment included names like Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders, D.D Dumbo, Bad//Dreams, Blank Realm, Baptism of Uzi, LUCIANBLOMKAMP and Client Liaison. Yesterday, the final...