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Listen: Pilerats Records - Rat Pack #2

Listen: Pilerats Records – Rat Pack #2

The western juggernaut that is Pilerats mustn’t sleep. Their second installment of Rat Pack, a compilation series that is linked to their in-house label, is back in a big way. Pilerats Records was launched in March, celebrations culminated in Rat Pack #1, probably one of the best compilations of international...
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Listen: Surf Dad - 'Honey'

Listen: Surf Dad – ‘Honey’

December is always full of these gems. Here you are, thinking that the musical inclined have packed up for some down time, but it ain’t the case, in fact it’s tracks like ‘Honey’ that are send list makers scrambling to reorder their five most loved tracks of 2014. It’s been more than a year since...
Premiere: Naps - 'Green Growth' (Lower Spectrum remix)

Premiere: Naps – ‘Green Growth’ (Lower Spectrum remix)

Starting out as an inter-label collaboration between Sydney’s Feral Media and Brisbane’s LoFly, the ‘Strain Of Origin’ series has now become synonymous with cutting edge remixes from Australian artists, continuing to push the boundaries. In it’s fourth year, the compilation features tracks and re-works from Lower Spectrum, Electric Sea Spider, Super Magic Hats, Naps, Pimmon,...
Watch: Ilias - 'Jet Glow'

Watch: Ilias – ‘Jet Glow’

Some beautifully haunting work from Sydney instrumentalist and producer Ilias. ‘Jet Glow’ is moving enough, let alone adding mind boggling visuals of space walks into the mix. The track is taken from Ilias’ All The Way Up, released earlier this year, the record follows an similar outer space feel, worth a detailed listen if you’re...
Playlist: Paradise 2014

Playlist: Paradise 2014

Photo Credit: WTYD. Nearly November folks, it’s a good thing, largely because it’s Paradise 2014. On the 28th, 29th and 30th, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort will play host to a blistering local line up featuring the likes of Bannoffe, Crooked Colours, Drunk Mums, Friendships, I’lls, Kirin J Callinan, Klo, LUCIANBLOMKAMP, Oscar Key Sung, Rat &...
Watch: The Galaxy Folk - 'Is There Out There'

Watch: The Galaxy Folk – ‘Is There Out There’

I stumbled across The Galaxy Folk thanks to Local and or General on 3RRR a while back, such a fantastic band. I highly recommend their Honeygraden EP, it’s another level of melancholic beauty and shininess. Sold out on vinyl unfortunately. Anyway, they released a video clip to their track ‘Is There Out There’ the other...
Premiere: Nakagin - 'Pines'

Premiere: Nakagin – ‘Pines’

Sydney producer Nakagin – aka Hugh Luscombe, is well known for producing some seriously ambient electronica.  Late last year he dropped in to work with Feral Media, scoring a role with ‘Bloom’ in their Spring EP, backed up by his Tincture re-work. Today, Nakagin is releasing ‘Pines’, the first single from his forthcoming EP. Even when steering subtly towards a more hip hop feel, Luscombe demonstrates his...
Captured: Listen Out 2014

Captured: Listen Out 2014

We had boots on the ground at both Sydney and Melbourne’s instalments of Listen Out 2014, one set behind the lens by the name of James Booth. Check out a select few piccys of the excellent day he had in Centennial Park with Chet Faker, Flume, Golden Features, Kilter, Yahtzel etc etc etc. Whoop!
LANKS - Brave Man

LANKS – Brave Man

  Melbournian Will Cuming has been producing electronica under the alias LANKS for a little while now, attracting significant attention on triple J unearthed for his ability to mesh, build and compound a variety of elements throughout all his tracks. His debut EP Thousand Piece Puzzle has racked up thousands of listens on soundcloud and has...
Bloodhounds On My Trail - Escape Launch

Bloodhounds On My Trail – Escape Launch

    A welcome addition to the Melbourne shoegaze scene, Bloodhounds On My Trail will be launching their debut EP Escape at Ding Dong Lounge this Friday 24 October. Having only gotten together in the past 12 months, Escape is an impressive entrance for the band, which has been preceded by support slots for local...
Five Tracks: Hessian Magazine

Five Tracks: Hessian Magazine

Few people can tell the tale of that time they started a magazine, I’m fortunate to know one person who can. I met Siggi McCarthy at uni and we’ve been friends ever since. When I heard she was taking on the mammoth task of starting a magazine, I knew if anyone had the skills to...
Robert Muiños - I Was Dreaming

Robert Muiños – I Was Dreaming

This week sees our buddy Robert Muiños launch his debut single I Was Dreaming. You might recognise Rob from a little known soul band called Saskwatch – they haven’t been that busy lately so Rob has had plenty of time to knock up a wonderful indie-folk gem for us all in between national tours and...
Listen: Spirit Faces - 'Hold It Down' ft. Zebra Zap

Listen: Spirit Faces – ‘Hold It Down’ ft. Zebra Zap

There is certainly an art to the less is more theory. Some pizza places get it right, some fail pretty hard. There’s clothing labels that do it well, but then again no shortage of the badly confused. Where it is rarer is amongst our musical folk. Spirit Faces, the cloak of Sydney artist Pete Covington, has got...